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309 — WATCH that you hold a scientific thought as to the kind of a body Jesus had after the resurrection. Was it spiritual or was it material? Man never has but one kind of body. It is the material sense of it that is unreal. In an early edition of Science and Health we find this statement, “The heathen gods of mythology were as real as our bodies are …”

After the resurrection the disciples still saw Jesus’ body as material, while he knew that it was spiritual. On page 218 of Miscellany Mrs. Eddy writes that the spiritual body came with the ascension; yet we find her saying that he reappeared as idea. The conclusion must be that body is to us as we regard it. Viewed materially, it appears to be matter; yet Science teaches that there is but one body which is spiritual. If Jesus healed the sick by beholding the perfect man, he must have beheld his own body as perfect and spiritual also. Mrs. Eddy once said, “There is no space for a material body to occupy. There never was one thousand years ago.” See Miscellaneous Writings, 70:22.

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