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307 — WATCH lest, when Christian Science demands gratitude from its adherents, you believe that it should be for effect. Gratitude for effect is the first step the infant in Science is capable of taking; but progress should soon bring him to gratitude for cause.

When a child is given a gift, it becomes so engrossed in it, that it forgets to thank, or even remember, the donor. It has to be reminded to do so. God’s gifts are given to man in order that they may be perpetual reminders of Him, and not an occasion to forget Him in one’s absorption in, and gratitude for, the gifts.

It may be said that God never sends man gifts; He brings them! Man should never become so absorbed in the gift that he loses sight of the presence of the Giver. Gratitude is the means whereby we remain perpetually conscious of God’s presence, by seeing Him as the source of every good gift. When we are grateful for effect, if that gratitude is metaphysical, our thought will naturally turn to cause. Then we will be in no danger of becoming so enamoured of effect, that we lose sight of cause.

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