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306 — WATCH that in your conception of ideas as coming forth from God, you include the realization that they also return to their source. God’s ideas go forth from His fatherhood and return to His motherhood, only as children run home to their mother for comfort and love.

It is helpful to consider that the conceptions which appear to us as matter, are ideas of God that on their way back to Him have become stranded, and need help. It is our task to translate them back into thoughts, and in so doing we help them to return to Mind; then they will no longer appear to be material, finite or limited.

The prodigal was an idea of God that went forth on a journey. He became stranded in Egypt, or effect, and had to be forcibly awakened to the need of returning to cause, or the father’s house. This awakening came through the reduction of Egypt to husks. The holding power of Egypt, or matter, was broken when it became evident that its desirability was but the glamor of mesmerism, spread over a dream that was worthless, and had no objective existence. A statement attributed to Ezra Pound and written in 1910 is pertinent. “Tell me not in mournful wish-wash, life’s a sort of sugared dish-wash.”

Jesus stated that the greater works would come as the result of a return to the Father. An elastic when stretched, returns to its original shape, when you let go of it. Material objects may be defined as ideas of God that came forth from Him, and lost their way, as it were, and need our help. In their journey back to Him, they became static. The material sense of things is merely the stagnation that has overtaken God’s ideas on their journey home.

It is when through suffering and disillusionment, mortals tire of Egypt and its tinsel pleasures, that they are ready to resume the journey home. The denial of the reality of matter enables us to resume our spiritual progress home, in the orbit that takes us and all creation back to God.

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