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305 — WATCH lest, when the argument of sickness assails you, you acknowledge that matter is sick. Mrs. Eddy once said, “A man looks right through a yellow piece of glass. We must learn to see error as an impersonal claim. Remove the yellow glass and John Smith will no longer be yellow.”

Sometimes it is helpful to regard sickness as an indication that one’s spiritual nature, like a lovely flower, is drooping from lack of proper care.

Job’s spiritual nature was like the goose that laid golden eggs. He became so enamoured with the eggs, that he neglected the goose and it drooped from lack of care.

This condition was manifested as sickness and loss. What Job really had was ‚soul sickness,‛ since when he once more began to care for his soul, it revived, and he returned to health and prosperity. He stopped looking upon himself as yellow. He learned his lesson, and never again let absorption in effect cause him to neglect cause.

The life of the soul is in spiritual giving. Man’s spiritual nature thrives in pouring out good to others. We care for it properly when we feed it with the bread of Life, and then pour out spiritual blessings to others.

When we sit back selfishly to enjoy the golden eggs furnished us by our spiritual demonstration, we cause our giving to slow up or cease. We neglect cause in order to enjoy effect. It is a fact in Science that spiritual sense will continue to supply us with golden eggs, providing our enjoyment of them does not cause us to value them ahead of their source, so that we neglect to care for source as we should. When we give spiritually as we should, God will always provide the means for giving.

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