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302 — WATCH you discern what absolute or divine Science is, and see that Christian Science is its application to the human need. Mrs. Eddy had Science revealed to her; then she demonstrated it in every possible way. Divine Science would be of little value to mortals without the bridge that makes it practical and operative in our present experience as Christian Science. Electricity filling the atmosphere was of no value to mortals until it was harnessed and made available for use.

Mrs. Eddy gave her revelation to the world in her authorized writings. Then in her life she gave her own practice or demonstration of it. Her life is linked with her revelation in that the latter can never be understood in its fulness without a study and understanding of the former.

Once Mrs. Eddy wrote to a student: ‚I thank God for your faith in Him and your true sense of me. Why? Because in over one quarter of a century I have never in one single instance seen these fail to carry a student safely on in growth and prosperity. But in every single instance the loss of those mental conditions has wrecked the student. Once I was young (and now am young) but I have never seen the righteous forsaken — those who are right, misled.”

One might tell a patient with heart trouble that his only true heart was divine Love pulsating in heaven, but to be practical and to meet the human need one would also have to assure the patient that his response to this pulsating of Love was perfect, indestructible and perpetual. Then he would awaken to realize that he had no heart trouble.

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