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301 — WATCH lest, when you are sick, you ask, “Oh, God! Why have you done this to me?” Rather should you ask, “Oh, God! Why have I done this to you?” There are times when we need a rude awakening from our mental lethargy. Perhaps we have become indifferent to God and to our obligations to Him. Perhaps we have put effect ahead of cause in our procession, put matter at the head of it, where only God, Spirit, belongs. Perhaps we have been sailing along so smoothly that we have thrown our skipper overboard. Divine guidance is so essential that we must have experiences that convince us that, if we let go of it, we are liable to go on the rocks. Once a boy stumbled over a stone as he walked along with uplifted eyes, thinking about God. He was thinking about God, but he was not using His guidance, since he did not see a pit that lay in his path. Stumbling over the stone so shocked him out of his reverie, that he was saved a plunge into the pit. When he realized what had happened, he was grateful for the very stone at which he was at first angry.

Once Mrs. Eddy directed her maid to work for the weather. When she found the latter dwelling on God’s allness, she rebuked her, saying, “Now come down from sailing around up there. It’s rain we need. Let’s have rain.” Then she said, “Beliefs about the weather are easier healed than sickness.” She rebuked the effort to realize God’s allness that did not include its application to the present need. Why? Because it would be like going to a spring for water without a pail.

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