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299 — WATCH that you “keep on keeping on,” or continue in well-doing. If you were given a beautiful country estate, and told that you were to have it as a permanent residence, you would not complain as you travelled to reach it, no matter what sort of terrain you had to travel over. If you had to struggle through a swamp, you would say, “This is hard going, but what difference does it make? I’ll soon be there.” If you passed through green pastures and beside still waters, you would say, “This is very lovely and I am grateful for all this beauty; but I have no time to linger to enjoy it. I must be on my way.”

Students who find that they have good days, and then relapse into bad ones, may wonder why this is. If they search deeply into motive, they may discover that good days are their goal, rather than progress toward their spiritual habitation in Soul. When one is seeking the true goal, which includes a daily effort to bless and help others, he does not complain much, nor notice much what kind of days he has. He keeps patiently on, knowing that, if he is persistent, he will arrive. There is a wealth of wisdom in the old adage, “The dog that is idle barks at his fleas, but the dog that is hunting does not feel them.”

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