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297 — WATCH that you consider properly what might be called one’s surplus thinking. If you pull up the weeds in your garden without regard to those surrounding it, you have a steady job, since the weeds around it continually encroach upon it. If we cultivate right thinking in reference to disease or to sick patients, and go no further, the weeds of thought in relation to the rest of our human experience may encroach on that small plot of cultivated right thinking.

Mrs. Eddy once declared, “If you do not have patients come to you, you can treat the birds and plants; they need treatment.” The birds and plants might stand for our surplus thinking, since we malpractice on whatever we hold in thought as being material or mortal. The whole of creation cries out to us to stop malpracticing on it, by holding it as matter, and subject to sin, sickness, decay and death. Our effort to think right starts with the endeavor to stop malpracticing on our own bodies when we suffer as a result of it, and to help others who are sick, by this same method. Such effort, however, is only a beginning in the right direction. We can never be called right thinkers until we have corrected our surplus thinking.

Once during a thunderstorm Mrs. Eddy directed her students to handle the surplus of electricity. This term suggests mortal mind that has gotten out of control and is running amuck. Mrs. Eddy saw the need of controlling and correcting it, and admonished her students to do likewise. As an illustration of surplus thinking, consider yourself being treated by a practitioner. You would know from your study of Science how he would think about you when he was giving you a treatment; but the question that concerns you is, what does he think about you when he is off guard? If he thinks of you as having some disease, or being in bondage to some error, the question is, whether his right thinking about you in treatment is sufficient to offset his human thinking about you when he is off guard. Practitioners should not only give their patients scientific treatments, but they should strive to correct their surplus, or careless, thinking about them as well. No student is progressing very fast who is not seeking to spiritualize his surplus thinking, the human thinking he indulges in when he is relaxed and off guard.

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