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295 — WATCH lest you mistake a growing indifference to and lessening interest in material things and world events, for an evidence of spiritual growth. Once a student of Science told his wife that he was losing interest in everything, his lovely home, his children and even his business. In a few weeks he became ill and died. He fancied that he was growing more spiritually-minded because he was caring less and less about externals. In real- ity the animal magnetism of apathy was preparing him for the suggestions of sickness and death, so that when they came, they would meet with no positive resistance on his part. His experience should be a warning to all students, lest they be blinded in a similar way.

This is God’s universe, even though it appears to be distorted into matter when viewed through material sense. Spiritual growth shows itself in an increasing alertness and activity, a keen interest in everything good. Mrs. Eddy’s growth was evident in her tremendous activity of thought, her careful and watchful attention to details even at an advanced age. She never lost her interest in life. She was interested in current events and world affairs up to the end of her human span. She never relaxed in her determination not to permit one error to escape detection or to go unrebuked.

The reflection of divine Mind is strength, not weakness; activity, not passivity; keenness, not dullness; a love for humanity that is so alive and energetic that it prompts man to make every right effort to continue living on earth as long as possible, in order to help poor humanity and ignorant sufferers to find the way to freedom. This is God’s universe, and if we are daily reflecting Him, we will not lose interest in it, nor will we rest until we have completely spiritualized our conception of all things.

It is well to remember that hypnotism claims to delude mortals by using one suggestion as a forerunner of another. If the error is detected and resisted in the first instance, it is thwarted in its incipiency.

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