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292 — WATCH that you send forth your scientific arrows of thought with power and then protect them against reversal. The entire volume of electricity present in the atmosphere is back of each lightning bolt. In like manner we should realize that the entire power of God is back of every affirmation of Truth that we make. When you read the arguments Mrs. Eddy used or gave to students to use, you can feel that she sent them out with such power, that they reached the mark and destroyed the error, in spite of error’s attempt to reverse and nullify them.

Once she declared, “Since malicious animal magnetism knows all the arguments of Christian Science, it is necessary to declare that no argument of mental malpractice can make null and void, antidote or reverse, any statement of Christian Science that you make.”

Nature puts a hard shell of protection on the coconut. In like manner we should guard our declarations of Truth in order that they may accomplish that whereunto they are sent.

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