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29 — WATCH lest in your effort to study and understand Christian Science, your thought overbalance on, or incline to the side of intellectual comprehension at the expense of demonstration. Man’s spiritual growth is like a tree in which the superstructure, representing man’s comprehension of the truth, must keep a proper balance with the roots, illustrating man’s demonstration of his understanding and ability to withstand the storms. Ministers who become Christian Scientists have a difficult time, because their old religious training enables them to grasp the theory of Science much more readily than the average student; they are apt to become top heavy, because they have taken in a great deal of truth which they have not demonstrated, and, therefore, which they do not really comprehend. In Science and Health Mrs. Eddy tells us that we understand only what we can demonstrate. Consistent spiritual progress is the effort to build up a comprehension of absolute truth, with a corresponding effort to put new ideas into practice as fast as they are revealed. This maintains a right balance between precept and practice.

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