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289 — WATCH lest you regard sickness as a direct result of wrong thinking. The direct effect of wrong thinking is to shut one off, in belief, from God, and since health is sustained by Mind, the loss of Mind means the loss of health.

The remote cause of sickness is the error that causes one to let go of God; but the exciting cause is the absence of scientific right thinking. Since there cannot be a vacuum, wrong thinking always takes the place of right thinking, when the latter goes.

One might assert that wrong thinking is merely the absence of right thinking, as darkness is the absence of light — and so it is; but one who regards wrong thinking as the direct cause of sickness will bend all his efforts to trying to cast out the error, and when he feels that his house, in Biblical language, is swept and garnished, he is liable to feel satisfied with his efforts. The devil, or mortal mind, finding the house swept and garnished, but empty, is ready to return.

Thus one helpful way to circumvent this subtlety is to regard sickness as caused, not by wrong thinking, but by the absence of right thinking. Then one will not cease his efforts until right thinking has been restored.

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