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287 — WATCH lest you consider animal magnetism anything more than an argument designed to interfere with your spiritual progress, so that you will slow up or stop in your spiritual journey. If you refuse to do so, have you not handled the error?

If you were skating over thin ice and you heard it cracking, it might frighten you and tempt you to slow up or stop; but if you did you might fall through. The remedy is to increase your speed.

When we hear error’s frightening arguments, they should have but one effect upon us, just as the presence of a chicken hawk has but one effect upon the little chicken. It hurries to the shelter of its mother’s wing. It does not stop to try to fight the hawk, because it knows that it cannot. So we cannot stop to fight the error and expect to win, since only divine power can vanquish the foe. To God there is none. Once, when a student of Mrs. Eddy’s was frightened by the argument of death to the point where she was endeavoring to fight the last enemy singlehanded, the Leader sent her this message, “God gave you an abiding sense of Life that needs not to be fought for. Remember this and you will live forever.” At once the claim of death was vanquished, and she was restored to harmony.

When the cracklings of error only serve to speed us joyfully on our journey to the Father-Mother God’s love and care, they become a blessing, so that we can say with Paul, “I take pleasure in infirmities,” because they become a means of keeping us close to God.

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