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286 — WATCH lest you fail to realize the great need of yielding to the divine will. A child is self-willed and feels that its rights are being invaded when its parents enforce discipline. Yet when it learns that an untrained mind is not competent to guide one aright, it is glad that its parents forced it to yield to their greater wisdom.

Mortal mind is incompetent to guide students aright. In humility it must learn to yield to the all-knowing divine Mind. Before it will do that it must be disciplined and improved, and one of the great agencies Mrs. Eddy has provided for this purpose is our Church Manual. Those who endeavor to follow its God-given rules and By-laws will find the human mind retreating under such a regime, in order to let divine Mind shine through.

Many of the experiences which we have which seem to baffle us, are really the wisdom of God manifested in our lives in a way that will best rule out the human mind. For instance, if we forget or neglect to make the proper effort to think right under a human sense of harmony, may it not be the part of wisdom for us to lose that doubtful and stupefying sense of ease, in order that we may have some incentive to drive us to make the effort to correct thought?

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