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265 — WATCH lest you retain the beginner’s conception of Christian Science as coming to make this hell of mortal existence a happy place, by taking away everything discordant. This primary picture is what we have to present to the world, in order to win them over to our side, just as it is necessary to depict life in the navy in glowing colors, in order to entice men to enlist. The emphatic purpose of Christian Science is to banish forever the cause of all discord, namely, the human mind; but this warfare does not bring peace to this false mind, but a sword.

Sickness, sin and poverty are merely indications of the error connected with a mortal sense of existence, and it is this mortal sense that Christian Science comes to eliminate. At the same time, when a man is sick, he is in no mental condition to gain a comprehensive idea of the truth, because he is frightened, disturbed and confused. The sickness is the proof of this fact. So he must be healed, if for no other reason than to restore him to a mental state in which he will be able to grasp the truth. The price he is expected to pay for this release is that he will take up in earnest the work of overcoming mortality. He is like a man who is released on probation. He breaks his parole if he settles down to enjoy the freedom from distress that Science has brought him, and may have to go back to jail, until he learns the lesson, namely, that mortality, whether discordant or concordant, is not the reality of existence, and hence is to be dissipated, in order that reality may prevail.

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