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254 — WATCH lest you accept sickness as the direct effect of wrong thinking. If health is sustained by scientific right thinking, then sickness must be a phenomenon attending its loss. It is a waymark pointing to wrong thinking, and we are warned not to remove the waymarks of God. In other words, we should never desire nor attempt to remove the finger that points to erroneous thought, any more than we would remove the signs warning people that there are holes in the street, until the holes are repaired.

Disease is informative, pointing to the presence of error. The task is to correct the error in thinking without reference to its manifestation. A practitioner must be strong to resist the pressure the patient brings to bear upon him, because of the latter’s desire to have him remove the waymarks of God.

The direct effect of wrong thinking is a loss of God, just as the direct effect of stepping into the shade is a loss of the sunlight. God may not know what we are doing in the dark that is sinful; but it is permissible to state that He knows that we have stepped out of His light. Sickness is a secondary effect, coming to us because we are in the dark, and it will disappear as we once more step into the light.

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