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253 — WATCH that in dealing with patients your timing be wise. We are seeking to time man’s thinking with God’s. The thinking of the nervous patient is too fast, and that of the phlegmatic patient too slow. The temptation is to speed up and stimulate the thinking of the nervous patient, because he appears to be so hungry for all you have to give him. In reality, however, his thought should be quieted with a “priceless sense of the dear Father’s loving-kindness” (Science and Health, page 366); whereas the phlegmatic patient should be rebuked and his thought quickened, in your effort to show him “how to attain a mind in harmony with God …” (Christian Healing, page 14).

Mrs. Eddy once declared, “You should not treat a lymphatic temperament as you would a nervous temperament. What it would take to move the former would overdo the latter.”

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