Watching Point 25

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25 — WATCH lest you make a god out of the outward activities of our organization, which one does when he gives them importance or precedence over right thinking. Jesus did not condemn Martha for what she did, but implied that she gave effect more importance in her estimation than cause. Is the frame around a picture more important than the picture? Is a rose arbor more important than the rosebush that grows on it? Is the standard that holds a microscope more important than the microscope itself? The beginner makes a god out of the organization when he feels that there is spiritual value and virtue in mere church attendance, ushering, distributing literature, apart from the opportunities these activities present for demonstration, or right thinking. In the effort to demonstrate Principle as supreme and as the inward cause back of every effect, one must watch lest effect take precedence over cause, lest suggestion argue him into believing that any human activity of the Cause is important of itself, apart from being a necessary footstep leading out of all belief in human activity or business, to the point where the Father’s business alone is recognized as necessary or real.

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