Watching Point 246

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246 — WATCH lest, after you finish with a problem, there still remains in thought the remembrance of a claim of an opposite to good from which you have been saved. The belief that there ever was a claim — even a simple one — must be eliminated from thought root and branch, even as a memory. You must know you never had it, and that you were merely freed from the mesmerism that caused you to believe in the reality of that which had no existence, just as an insane man is delivered from his hallucinations.

After a claim has been met, you must know that in re- ality you never had it, since there never was a claim of mesmerism. Then and only then can you say you have closed the books on a problem. Once a patient called her practitioner to say she was healed of the sickness for which she was having help. She asked the practitioner if he should stop treatment. He replied, “Give me one more day in which to know you never had it!”

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