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243 — WATCH lest you consider mortal mind your friend one moment, and your enemy the next. Our Leader was consistent in always treating it as an enemy, and seeking in every way to open the eyes of her students to this fact. She pointed out the phenomenon of its changing from the seemingly harmless human mind to malicious animal magnetism when opposed by Truth, hoping that thereby they would be able to maintain a continuous consciousness of its veritable nature, without always having to be reminded of it.

If a general found his men alert to the enemy, except to beautiful female spies, he would be unceasing in his efforts to open the eyes of his men to this form of deception. Many men have been induced to yield up secret information by clever and beautiful spies, and thereby have betrayed their countries. Mrs. Eddy sought to open the eyes of her students, as she writes on page 451 of the textbook, “that they might perceive the nature and methods of error of every sort, especially any subtle degree of evil, deceived and deceiving.”

If mortal mind’s picture of unreality was compared to a large sign composed of electric bulbs, none of which would light up unless you touched one, it would make little difference which one you touched. To touch one would be to light all. Mortal mind does not care which bulb in its picture we touch, as long as we touch one, since to touch one, makes the entire picture real to us. This illustration explains Mrs. Eddy’s great plea for consistency.

As an illustration of her consistency, consider what she once said to Adam H. Dickey, “What is a good dinner or a good meal? Good devil. What is a good night’s sleep? Good evil. What is a nice new dress? Good evil. What is a sense of health in matter? Good evil. Which is nearer God, a human sense of health or of sickness? What is it that brings us into a realization of true being? Spiritual understanding. Then how do I heal? By knowing the omnipotent, ever-present, eternal and infinite Mind is All — and, therefore, there is no inaction, over-action, diseased action or reaction. Spiritual understanding — a knowledge of God — makes perfect.”

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