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238 — WATCH lest you seal the walls before the pipes have been put through. This point is drawn from an incident where a man was putting in a cement foundation for a house, and he poured the cement and let it harden, before he realized that he had left no openings for the water and gas pipes to come through.

Mortal man, by the very nature of mortal mind, has a wall in thought composed of prejudice and opposition to Truth. Sickness and suffering break down this wall to the point where he is willing to ask for help from the very thing he has been prejudiced against. The practitioner, in healing his patient, strengthens the latter’s defenses, so that he feels selfreliant and capable once more. Lest the renewal of the wall again keep out Truth, the practitioner must have in mind the effort to establish in his patient a permanent connection with or interest in Truth. While it is not always possible to do this, as Jesus showed with the ten lepers, nevertheless it is a point the healer must always bear in mind.

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