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224 — WATCH lest you accept the demonstrations of divine Mind year after year, without making the effort to take on divine Mind as your mind by reflection, by repudiating entirely the human mind so-called. Once a man accepted many demonstrations of new horses without buying one. Finally the dealers refused to give him any more demonstrations, since they found that all he wanted was free rides.

If man accepts demonstrations of the value and efficacy of divine Mind year after year, without showing his sincerity by beginning the actual demonstration of embodying divine Mind, will such demonstrations continue? The purpose of Christian Science in bringing human harmony to man, is not to make man happy in this hell of mortal existence; it is to prove the excellence of divine Mind in every direction, in contrast to the action and claims of the human mind, so that man will be persuaded to seek and use no other.

The question is, whether one can expect to continue to have such proofs in his life — evidences of the power of divine Mind to help in time of need — if he fails to fulfill the demands of progress, namely, to labor to exchange minds as fast as possible.

Demonstration in Christian Science has for its purpose exhibiting the value of divine Mind, in contrast to the weakness and worthlessness of the human mind. While the improved state of the latter, which Christian Science brings out, may seem useful and necessary for a time in man’s journey upward, the human mind finally betrays one and falls by its own weakness, unless it is put off. The demonstration of Mind, which takes away human discord, is not intended to leave a patient in a state of negative harmony, where he fancies that he can continue to call on God whenever he suffers in any way, and thus maintain this negative sense of harmony in the flesh. The rewards given to a dog when he is being trained, are merely designed to encourage him to right effort. When he has received his full training, he is required to obey without further reference to rewards. The first effects of demonstration in Science bring man the human reward of surcease from discord, the purpose of which is to encourage him to continue in well doing. Nor do such rewards cease as one succeeds in putting off the old and taking on the new; but the advancing student is expected to forge ahead without reference to such rewards, and to do his work for the world, whether he is rewarded with harmony in the flesh or not.

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