Watching Point 221

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221 — WATCH lest the apparent smallness or insignificance of the spot of decay on an orange, cause you to forget that, if it is not soon thrown away, it will become completely decayed. This watching point is not intended to imply that disease is a reality that indicates the gradual disintegration and ultimate death of a mortal. Yet the argument of disease should be a signpost indicating the danger of clinging to a false sense of man.

Christian Science should be thought of as a pair of wings, rather than as a medicine chest. Then the practitioner would be considered, not like a doctor with his bag, which contains the medicine of Mind rather than of matter, but as one who goes to awaken a sleeper out of a nightmare, to the realization that he has no disease from which he needs to be healed. Then his thought is freed to soar up to God and gain a true sense of man.

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