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217 — WATCH lest you seek to sweep and garnish your mental home because you desire to eliminate from it all that is offensive, rather than to make it meet for the Christ to come in. In Matt. 12:44 the implication is that the demonstration was made to cast out the unclean spirit, because the man had as his goal, a clean house, or human purity, rather than spiritual reflection. Had the man sought the Christ, the devil could not have returned.

When you clean out a wasps’ nest, unless you burn the nest, the wasps will return. In demonstration we must handle both the pest and the nest. We must know that we cannot be assailed by aggressive mental suggestions, and then go further, and realize that we have no capacity to hear or to entertain such suggestions. Such work corrects not only the thought but the thinker.

We strive to eliminate human qualities that are offensive because we do not like them, which means that a clean house is our goal. A higher motive, however, is to cast out whatever claims to obstruct one’s reflection of Truth. Then one will not gauge the error of a false claim by whether it is offensive to him, but by whether it claims to darken his reflection of God.

When one works to eliminate human qualities which offend him, he is liable to cultivate other human qualities which he likes, yet which, from the standpoint of Truth, are also deterrents. When one’s real goal is reflection, he seeks to clean out all that prevents reflection. Once Mrs. Eddy wrote of human affection that seems dear to us all, “My heart goes out to you with a prayer ‘comfort ye my people,’ give her an abundance of love this year and love so divine that a human sense of love would only mar it, and spoil its joy. Oh! Father, make her home here sweet, a resting place from the world, and where no memory of mortal joy or sorrow can come to cloud the immortal peace, for there is no peace, no pleasure, no bliss in mortal things. However dear they may be to sense, to Soul they are not permitted. Now my loved one, which do you choose, for both you cannot have. I would rather drink the cup of pain and anguish than sip the chalice of sensual pleasures in even their mildest and best forms. Why? Because they are God’s high tides that hourly waft us nearer and nearer the shore of eternal bliss. ‘Where no arrow wounds the dove. Where no partings are for love.’ “

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