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216 — WATCH lest you believe that the process of spiritual healing is something you learn, as a child learns to play the piano, rather than being something you develop as you learn, namely, spiritual sense. The boy may learn technique mechanically, but his musical sense is developed only by experience.

True healing results from the Mind that was in Christ Jesus being reflected through spiritual sense, rather than from the effect of what one has learned of Christian Science being declared, and in this way reaching the patient. Once Mrs. Eddy said to Lady Victoria Murray in an interview, “The argument used in healing is simply tuning-up. If your violin is in tune, it is unnecessary to tune it up. Keep your violin in tune. There is no disease. If I dream there is a table in place of that chair, that is only a belief. The patient believes it, he does not feel it. God is All and God is infinite, precludes all else. Keep your violin in tune.”

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