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213 — WATCH lest you attempt to destroy the insects on the trees in your own yard, fancying that that is all that is required of you. Under such circumstances the bugs from your neighbors’ trees will come over to your trees and undo your good work.

If you attempt to maintain the recognition of mental causation in relation to sickness alone, and do not strive to extend this recognition as fast as possible to every phase of mortal existence, do not be surprised if the belief in material causation expressed in the minutiae of mortal existence, comes in to crowd out your recognition of mental causation as far as sickness is concerned. Unless one is striving to correct his surplus thinking — his everyday thinking in regard to life in general — he will find himself unable to maintain his conscious thinking on a scientific basis, when some emergency arises.

One must be consistent in the endeavor to correct his surplus thinking. He must train himself to think in terms of mental causation more and more. One cannot remain a specialist in right thinking, and be successful. His efforts to maintain the realization of mental causation in order to keep his body well, will gradually be neutralized by the general beliefs of material causation, unless he broadens his demonstrations.

One usually starts with sickness to establish the realization of mental causation; but he must not stop at that point. One cannot attribute ninety-five percent of his mortal experiences to physical causation, such as being hungry, thirsty, sleepy, tired, hot, cold, old, etc., and at the same time maintain successfully the realization of mental causation in regard to five percent of experience, namely, sickness and suffering.

One cannot habitually and without protest accept the suggestion that he is weary because he has worked hard; that he is cold because the weather is chilly; that he is hungry because of lack of material food, etc. etc., and then when he is sick, rise up with the conviction that he is not sick because of some material cause, but only because of wrong thinking and thus meet the error through the power of Mind blotting out belief.

When a rabbit is in his nest in the ground, one must smoke him out, before he can shoot him. Disease hides in the smokescreen of physical causation. Scientific healing can result only from the recognition of mental causation. Hence the demand on the advancing student is to handle his surplus thinking, by broadening his recognition of mental causation to cover all human experience. Then when the claim of disease presents itself, it will be a simple matter to smoke it out, so that it can be handled mentally.

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