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Watching Point 212

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212 — WATCH less you attempt to remove the top layer of the human problem, without recognizing that there is an under layer which must finally be eliminated as well. The top layer is sin, sickness and death, which is superimposed on the bottom layer, or the belief in materiality. Our initial demonstrations in Christian Science seek to remove the top layer, in order to have harmonious materiality, and this is legitimate if we do this to prove the power of God, and to set our religion before the world in such a way that they will be drawn to it.

The wise student, however, knows that animal magnetism works through the belief in materiality. Hence it is not scientific to try to separate discord from that upon which discord is based, in an effort to establish for mortal man a permanently harmonious Adam dream, except as this is done to prove the possibilities for harmony that lie in the demonstration of Christian Science. This is only another way of saying that we must not linger in the sec- ond degree as set forth on page 115 of Science and Health but hasten on to the third degree. If you were digging for treasure and came to that which was valuable, if you but knew that below lay the real treasure, you would not stop digging merely because you found a small treasure. The second degree, or human harmony, is a treasure, but it is only a treasure that points to the real treasure, which is found in the third degree, — namely, spiritual harmony.

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