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211 — WATCH lest, having accepted the common belief that mortal mind exists as a fundamental claim of power, you attempt to make the demonstration to free yourself from it, from the basis of admitting it as a power operating in the world. Yielding to mortal mind means yielding to the belief that a false mind exists and governs mortals. Believing in its existence puts one under its claims, and freedom comes only as one destroys the belief that such a claim exists either within or without.

Freedom from the belief in a mind apart from God begins when you realize that it has no power over you apart from suggestion; but you must continue in your ef- forts until you can see this as the truth about the lie for all mankind. Then you are ready to make the demonstration to prove that this belief does not exist at all, since God is All.

The notion that you can make the demonstration to be free from the suggestions of mortal mind, while believing that others are in bondage to it, is a mistake that is fostered by animal magnetism. To believe in the existence of animal magnetism and to admit that others are handled by it, is the mark of the beast on your forehead which you must overcome.

To make nothing of animal magnetism means to realize that it does not exist at all; that it never has; that nobody is handled by it, ever has been or ever will be, since God is the only Mind. Hence all of His children are controlled wholly by Mind.

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