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193 — WATCH lest you believe that at present it is possible for a student to gain such a firm grasp on the reflection of God, that he can become careless with it, and humanly confident that he can never lose it, or be robbed of it. In reality he cannot lose it, for it is part of his real selfhood — nay, it is his real selfhood. But in this mortal experience, inspiration seems to be like beautiful birds which come and lodge in the branches of your trees as long as you are kind to them and do not frighten them. If at any time you withdraw this gentleness and affection, they will fly away.

In our present state of consciousness it is foolish for one to believe that his consciousness of reflection is so firmly established, that he can let go of his persistent scientific effort, and still reflect divine Mind. It did not matter to Mrs. Eddy how long a student had been a Christian Scientist. She respected his spiritual thought and leaned on it, only when and as he respected and leaned upon God. If one became careless with the birds of inspiration so that they flew away, she counted him as lost to Christian Science, until he regained his lost sense of reflection.

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