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18 — WATCH lest false theology, which is constantly at one’s heels to tempt one on his heavenly journey, cause you to continue to conceive of prayer as merely petition, rather than desire, realization and affirmation; as a means of getting something you do not now possess and perhaps do not really need; rather than the scientific process which opens man’s eyes to the knowledge that he now possesses all good in reflection. This difference might be illustrated by one waiting for a postman to deliver an expected package, instead of discovering that it has long since been delivered. True prayer is the right desire which leads man to make a scientific effort to banish from thought all sense of the reality of material testimony, as evidence of a limited and mortal status for man, that he may gain the realization that, since he is God’s reflection, the allness of all good is his present possession now. Moreover it is his privilege and obligation to reflect this good to all mankind.

Mrs. Eddy once said, “After making your affirmations of good and denials of error, until your thought is clear and true, go farther and give thanks that while you did wait, you did receive what you asked. Go not back to asking, but continue to give thanks that you have received.”

Since God is both Father and Mother, one might say that we approach Him from the masculine as well as the feminine standpoint. One is the head, the other the heart, one reason and the other revelation. One utilizes the power of God with authority; the other kneels humbly at the throne of God, yearning and asking for more of His grace. Those who confine their prayers to the head are apt to take too much to themselves, and feel that they are accomplishing the works; those who pray wholly with the heart are apt to leave the entire work to God. But the right proportion causes God and man to work in unison. As Mrs. Eddy once said, “God’s business is to heal and man’s business is to let Him.”

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