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165 — WATCH lest you hold your concept of God and your concept of man as two separate parts of your scientific thought, as though you could have a right idea of God, and a wrong idea of man at the same time. There is authority for the statement that the phrase, “Hallowed be Thy name,” means man. If this be correct, then with the acknowledgment of God as Father comes the command to hallow man.

If the windshield of your automobile was so dirty that it made everyone you looked at appear to be blurred, the rays of the sun shining through it on you would also become distorted. “Love is reflected in love.”

Your concept of your brother man determines how divine Mind shines to you and through you. Striving to see humanity as God sees them, pure and perfect, opens the way for the love and power of God to flow to you and through you in ever-increasing purity and potency. If, on the other hand, you persist in holding even one individual in a wrong sense without striving to correct it, do not be surprised if divine Love is distorted and reversed in your experience.

The Bible tells us that Job found the way out of his discord, lack and suffering, when he prayed for his friends (Job 42:10). His endeavor to see the Christ in others opened the way for the Christ to come to him.

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Love is the liberator.