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156 — WATCH lest you reach the point where you believe that the moment you stop consciously arguing the truths of Christian Science, the influx of divine Mind ceases. Cannot a man accumulate oil in his lamp to lighten his way in the dark hours? Should you not be able to feel more and more that, because man is God’s perfect child, the blessed influx of divine Mind continues, whether you are consciously arguing or not?

You should strive to establish the law that the moment you open your thought to God, not only does a great influx of good come in, but that it continues, since good is always infinite in its extent, blessing and continuance. As a matter of fact, it was coming in before you sought to open your thought to receive it. Your real work is to remove that which claims to prevent its coming in.

The Bible records that Elijah made one demonstration that supplied him with food, so that he was sustained for forty days. We must learn to have more faith in the continuance and permanence of our demonstrations.

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