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139 — WATCH lest you believe that you can have an unlimited sense of God’s power, of its extent and possibilities, and at the same time a limited sense of your ability to reflect this divine power. It is not possible to gain a more unlimited realization of God’s power without gaining at the same time an increasing sense of your ability to reflect this power, and to put it into operation.

One interpretation of Jesus’ statement, “With what measure ye mete it shall be measured to you again,‛ might be, that the standard by which you measure divine power, also measures the extent of your ability to demonstrate or reflect that power. A mounting sense of confidence in your own ability to heal through the power of God always accompanies an increasing recognition of the limitless extent and ability of divine power to do all things.

Man’s use and application of divine power cannot be separated from that divine power, since it does not operate at all except through, or as spiritual man. Unless you have an increasing sense of your own ability to reflect divine power, and a growing realization of yourself as the reflection of divine power, you are not gaining and developing a true appreciation of divine power. Spiritual growth constantly turns away from any suggestion that the ‚channel‛ is anything of itself, and recognizes the irresistible nature of divine power expressed through, or reflected by man.

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