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Watching Point 137

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137 — WATCH lest you accept divine Mind as the power that heals the sick, and fail to demonstrate it as the source of infallible wisdom as well. In Mark 1:44 we read of the man whom the Master instructed to say nothing to any man about his being healed. The man disobeyed and published it widely, showing that he accepted divine Mind which Jesus reflected as the healing power, but not as the source of wisdom. Yet if Mind is the one, it surely is the other.

The Children of Israel accepted the power of God as that which could heal, sustain and protect them, as well as help them to conquer their enemies. Yet they often rejected God’s wisdom. When they came to the promised land, they were held back through fear of the children of Anak, and declared that they were in their own sight as grasshoppers. Had they accepted the wisdom of God, they would have penetrated this trick of animal magnetism, realizing that in reality their only enemy was their own fear, and their acceptance of mental suggestion, trying to belittle their conception of themselves. The children of Anak represented animal magnetism attempting to retard their progress through deception and suggestion. The promised land comes through Christian Science, but you cannot pass the children of Anak, or handle animal magnetism, without divine understanding and wisdom.

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