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134 — WATCH lest, as you strive for cause, or to correct cause, which is wholly mental, you permit thoughts of effect to distract your efforts. The cowboy who pulled out his gun and shot the villain in a movie, would have to learn that he was only observing shadows, before he could turn away from the picture long enough to change the reel in the projector for a better one.

When Lindbergh flew across the Atlantic ocean in a land plane, it was his singleness of purpose that sustained him. He permitted neither fear, nor the anticipation of personal and financial emoluments, to distract his thought from concentrating on the job at hand.

It is right that the effects of demonstration should be manifested in one’s experience, but in one’s efforts to gain and reflect this divine power, he should not permit himself to be distracted either by the manifestation of error, or by the anticipation of what he hopes and expects divine power to accomplish. When a baseball player is trying to catch a ball, he allows nothing to distract him at that point, neither jeers from the crowd, nor speculations as to whether his team is winning or losing.

Jesus said, “Labor not for the meat which perisheth.” Labor not for effect. Do not let thoughts of effect distract your labor for cause. If the left hand symbolizes the demonstration of applying Truth to human experience, and the right hand the demonstration of receiving pure Mind, then we should not let the left hand know what the right is doing. In other words we should never permit the anticipation of the effect of demonstration to distract our thought from our reception of pure Mind. When we pray with a human object or effect in thought, we humanize prayer. When we pray with thought filled with fear for effect, we vitiate the power of prayer. When we descend from cause to effect for any reason, we forfeit the power we possess in cause.

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