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133 — WATCH lest you believe that you can oppose and destroy the multiplication of wrong thinking, by opposing it with right thinking, unless such right thinking is so scientific and divine that it carries no belief in an opposite. Human thinking that calls itself right may be better than human thinking that calls itself wrong, but all human thinking is of the same lineage.

The sting of wrong thinking is inevitably felt by mortal man, because the human thinking he entertains, which he believes to be right, prepares a nest for wrong thinking.

If bees kept buzzing around your head, despite your efforts to chase them away, you might wonder, until you discovered that someone had smeared molasses on your back. Animal magnetism offers mortals human sweetness, or harmony, as the trick whereby they are induced to accept human discord. A human sense of good, though it be clothed in angelic vestments, cannot exist without an opposite.

The rule is, when you wish to drive away the bees, to eliminate that which attracts them. When you are casting out the belief in evil, you must also strive to destroy the belief in human good, in order that you may attain that sense of good that knows no opposite, because it is All.

And what is the error involved in a belief of human good? It is the claim that there is good in material sense, or in a sense of the absence of God.

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