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Watching Point 130

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130 — WATCH lest you forget that indifference is a greater foe to Truth than an active prejudice. Often one is tempted to regard prejudice that leads to persecution as the greatest enemy; but persecution has this advantage over indifference: it represents activity, while indifference indicates passivity.

Persecution represents a quality of human thought that Truth can take advantage of, as in the case of St. Paul. He persecuted Christians up to the point of killing them; but when Truth reversed this erroneous action, he became as zealous in behalf of Christianity, as he had been opposed to it before.

A sailor knows how to use the slightest breath of wind from any direction, to send his boat forward. But he is helpless and hopeless in a calm. Let us thank God when mortal thought is stirred by Truth, even to the point of war, for it proves that material beliefs are being broken up, and through that very chemicalization demonstration is bringing forth purification and fruitage. Activity of any sort offers a nucleus through which Truth can work, so that the wrath of man shall praise Him.

A practitioner should not feel disturbed when the truth he brings to his patient produces a chemicalization. This phenomenon shows that the muddy river bed of thought is being stirred, and the impurities are coming to the surface. Hence you should rejoice when this same thing happens on a larger scale, and the action of Truth produces a chemicalization in the world thought.

Once in the early days of Science a man rang Mrs. Eddy’s doorbell. She went to the door and talked with him. After she had spoken of Science for a while, he confessed that he had come to shoot her. What she said touched him, and caused him to be impressed by her sincerity. It is possible that thereafter he became interested in Science. His zeal against the Truth could be turned into a support of it more easily than an indifference could have been.

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