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13 — WATCH lest you believe that the action of truth is improving your human mind to the point where it will eventually become true wisdom. The real Mind which contains all wisdom is divine. Mind cannot be improved; it must be reflected by man. The only improvement one can make is to enlarge his ability to reflect divine Mind.

Christian Science does not come to do man’s thinking for him; neither does it have as its goal the improvement of human thinking. Its mission is to teach what right thinking is, and how one may reflect this right thinking from God, the one Mind, the source of all right ideas.

Mrs. Eddy once wrote, “Remember that the so-called human mind is expected to increase in wisdom until it disappears, and divine Mind is seen to be the only Mind.” Then at another time, “The human mind does not increase in wisdom; wisdom decreases the human mind.” The great danger in an improvement of the human mind is lest mortal man come to have more faith in it, instead of less.

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