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Watching Point 129

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129 — WATCH lest you misunderstand the scientific process of eliminating matter, and destroying the objects of sense. Realize that things appear to be material only because we have mistaken effect for cause, and placed life, substance and intelligence outside of ourselves as something apart from mind. When we learn the error of matter, we are liable to believe that God calls upon us to despise it. Thus we find students hating their bodies, hating money, hating their food, feeling that it is a mockery to have to fuss with matter so much.

As a matter of fact we should love money, love food, love our bodies as channels for God’s spiritual ideas, and realize that it is only a lie that tells us that they are material, or channels for mortal mind. It is this lie that we are to hate and to destroy. When we love money, for instance, we are never to admit that it has passed from the realm of cause as an idea of substance, down into effect, or shadow.

Our task is to withdraw from the objects of sense all belief of life, truth, intelligence and substance, in order to give these qualities back to Mind, where they belong. Then, we can see all things in creation as symbols pointing to God, with God back of them. The objects of sense will then disappear as matter, and God’s spiritual ideas will appear.

In football a player often pretends to pass the ball to another player, but in reality he retains it, and thus deceives the opposing team. Life and substance seem to have passed from mind to matter, but this is deception, illusion. Once a student had a cold, and he declared, “This error as a false belief, has never passed from mind socalled down into body; it only seems to have done so. It still is nothing but a false belief in consciousness.” From this standpoint he soon cast out the error.

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