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Watching Point 125

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125 — WATCH lest you believe that the so-called claim of reversal is something apart from your own thought, that is liable to strike you at any time; so it must be handled as a definite enemy apart from you. In reality reversal is a trick of animal magnetism, or illusion, whereby one accepts mortal belief, when, like a pendulum, it swings toward human good, so that automatically and blindly he is forced to experience the bad side of the same belief.

The belief in reversal is not a law but a trick. One sees no apparent harm in accepting the suggestion, “Isn’t it a beautiful day!” Yet the opposite swing of the pendulum is a belief in bad weather. God’s weather is not like a pendulum; it knows no opposites. It meets the need at all times, whether it be for sunshine or rain, without extremes of heat and cold, flood and drought.

The conclusion is that there is no such thing as individual or personal good. Good is universal and uniform. Understanding this in treating the sick, whether you are treating yourself or another, you will not be found trying to establish a little pinpoint of harmony in a great world of discord. An effort to bring out individual health, or personal good, perpetuates the belief in opposites, whereas a universal realization of the presence and reality of health and harmony could not include an opposite. So you must watch lest you fancy that you have established a true consciousness of harmony, health or good, when it is less than universal, or while you accept its opposite as being possible or even thinkable.

If you believe in health as the opposite of sickness, you still have a belief in the reality of sickness. If you think of life as the opposite of death, or abundance as the opposite of lack, you are maintaining a sense of error as real.

You must realize that harmony is the only reality, and that it has no opposite. This precludes the possibility of reversal. Your sense of good is not spiritual good, unless your concept of it is so universal and uniform that an opposite is unthinkable.

Once a student of Mrs. Eddy’s was ill, and his work did not seem to meet the suffering. He opened his thought to wisdom in order to detect what the trouble was, and the answer came back that he was seeking to regain his health by striving to establish a little globe of harmony for himself in a great world of discord. So he sought to realize the truth of the Scripture, “The earth shall be filled with the knowledge of God, as the waters cover the sea.” His effort had been to gain personal good without regard for suffering humanity in the world. This was a selfish effort to establish harmony, while he still retained a belief in the reality of discord, which rendered his effort unscientific and abortive. When this error was corrected, he was healed.

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