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Watching Point 124

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124 — WATCH lest your sense of good be comparative instead of uniform, human rather than divine. Human good seems good only by contrast, thus supporting a sense of evil through the belief in opposites. When one says, “I feel fine,” you can hear the unvoiced reason‚ “because I am not sick.”

The belief in comparative good, where a statement of health includes a belief in the reality of sickness, is only a step toward the understanding of that good that is all. The error of human or material good so-called is that it sustains a sense of the reality of evil. For this reason it is necessary to watch one’s sense of good, in order to remove as fast as possible the tinge of human sense, that carries with it the belief in the existence of an opposite possibility. The only sense of good that is uniform, all-encompassing, and that knows no opposite, is the divine.

When God saw everything that He had made and, behold, it was very good, — it was very good, not because it was not evil, but because it came forth from the source of all good. The acceptance of good by comparison was what brought the mist that rose up from the earth. From this mist resulted the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

Unless your sense of good is uniform and not comparative, it perpetuates the belief in the reality of its opposite, which is the very thing you are seeking to eliminate. Mortals declare, “Isn’t it a beautiful day! I feel fine! What a fine man he is! What a happy marriage!” Such statements hide the definite belief in the reality and possibility of the opposite. People living in the tropics who have seen the sun for weeks, and no clouds or rain, do not rhapsodize over the sunshine. They become sick of it.

The Master rebuked a man for calling him good (Mark 10). Perhaps he detected that it was a goodness that was in comparison or contrast with men who were not good. Such a conception would be mortal and erroneous, being based on the belief in the possible badness of mortal man.

As long as one’s sense of existence is based on comparison and opposites, he is clinging to the pendulum of mortal belief, which swings between human good and evil, harmony and discord, love and hate, life and death. Such a belief makes a reversal of harmony possible at any time. The scientific consciousness of the reality and everpresence of all good carries no contrast, since it is based on the recognition that God is All, and that everything He created is Godlike and hence perfect.

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