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Watching Point 122

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122 — WATCH lest, in endeavoring to take away from error all direct power, you give it an indirect power by believing that it has the power to make you believe in it by exerting a mesmeric influence, even while you are struggling to realize that it has no direct power over you, since it is nothing.

Sometimes students make the declaration that evil is nothing, and that it has no power; and then assert that it cannot make them believe in its existence, as though they really thought it could. If we are watchful we can avoid the false assumption that by its very persistence, like dropping of water wearing away a stone, error has the power to drive us to believe in its reality against our own inclination.

There is no false testimony more persistent than that the sun moves in relation to the earth; yet that constant evidence has not the slightest power to force enlightened people to accept it as true. If persistence gave false testimony power, then that daily illusion would surely have power over us. Yet it has none.

We should adopt this same attitude toward error, namely, that the continuation of its false claims and testimony has no power whatsoever to make us believe in it, once we have learned its illusive nature.

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