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Watching Point 120

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120 — WATCH lest, having put your hand to the plough, you look back. The action and effect of Truth is to uncover and destroy error. A plough turns over the topsoil and exposes that which has been hidden. The tendency of the human mind is to desire everything smooth on the surface, even though, underneath, there is hidden latent error.

If a student is not ready to stick to the plough after it has begun to uncover error, and continue the warfare until the error is entirely exposed and destroyed, he is not ready to put his hand to the plough at all, in order that Truth may uncover his hidden errors. He will look back with desire at the time when he enjoyed human harmony, even though there was hidden error in his thought.

Once in a while you meet a student who complains that, after having come into Christian Science, he has a great deal to meet that he never had before. This complaint proves that he is looking back with longing to the time when, before he put his hand to the plough, his human experience was comparatively smooth because error was more or less under cover, or latent. Such a one proves by this attitude that he is not fit for the kingdom of heaven, since he does not possess the necessary determination to press forward.

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