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12 — WATCH lest you err through strong drink (Is. 28:7), or through the emotional ecstasy or excitement which mortal man sometimes mistakes for acquaintance with God, or a spiritual uplift. Old theology uses this method of deception, seeking to play upon one’s emotions through the use of the sweet singing of choir boys, etc. No spiritual growth is thereby effected.

Mrs. Eddy once warned Sue Harper Mims of Georgia, not to teach Christian Science to members of the colored race. Did she thereby cut off a whole race from the benefits of Class Instruction? Was she rather not warning Mrs. Mims against a quality of thought? One who would tend to accept Christian Science through the emotions, and believe that he understood its teachings merely because he thrilled to them, would not be ready for advanced teaching. When one is ready, even though his skin is black, he has ceased to be a colored man, and has become a Christian Scientist. The same is true of a Jew or Catholic. They have ceased to be such when they have made the preparation necessary for Class Instruction. Many earnest people have mistaken sentimentality for spirituality. The former is like putting perfume on an artificial rose, in order to deceive.

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