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Watching Point 119

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119 — WATCH lest the false evidence of material sense cause you to accept the suggestion that a case is hopeless. Every case is hopeless if you start from the basis that you have a claim. You cannot admit the reality of error as a claim, and from that basis make it unreal and so destroy it.

Hear what Mrs. Eddy says on this point in Unity of Good, page 54: “To say that there is a false claim, called sickness, is to admit all there is of sickness; for it is nothing but a false claim. To be healed, one must lose sight of a false claim. If the claim be present to the thought, then disease becomes as tangible as any reality. To regard sickness as a false claim, is to abate the fear of it; but this does not destroy the so-called fact of the claim. In order to be whole, we must be insensible to every claim of error.”

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