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Watching Point 116

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116 — WATCH lest, when you have entered into the conflict inaugurated by Science, and have made some successful demonstrations by crossing swords with error, you be tempted by a sense of stagnation, and feel that you have gone stale, or that your spiritual desire is waning, since you no longer enjoy the fruits of victory as you did formerly.

It is possible that you may find that you no longer take the satisfaction in church activity, that you once enjoyed. So you conclude that you have gone backward and need a return to your first love.

Would you recommend the prodigal son to pay a return visit to Egypt, and renew his warfare, because, now that his battle is won, the spice has gone out of his life, and he is bored in his Father’s house?

We must return to our first love, to be sure; but what is our first love, but our love for Spirit — our entire alle- giance to it — which antedates any belief in Egypt, or loving anything human or material? The satisfaction in overcoming error must give place to the higher joys of Spirit, as we are weaned from the milk of the Word, and are ready for the meat.

The conclusion is the realization that conflict with error, and its consequent vanquishment, is only a preparation that is intended to open the door through which all good flows to man. The elder brother who stayed at home had all that the father had; but there was a warfare with self which he could not escape, before he could reach the joy of communion with Spirit, which is a far higher satisfaction than the human reaction and contrast which comes of conquering suppositional error in Egypt. Thus if the prodigal had believed that his highest joy lay in overcoming error, he would still have to learn the lesson that at best such a joy is human. Why? Because to infinite Mind there are no victories, since it knows no conflicts.

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