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Watching Point 113

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113 — WATCH lest, having learned through II Timothy 2:19 that‚ “The Lord knoweth them that are His,” and having discerned that the ‘Lord‛ is God transformed into man, as it were, or the reflected Truth, — the Christ, which alone enables one to differentiate between truth and error, between the real and the unreal, — you thereafter believe that you or anyone else can ever discern between truth and error from any standpoint other than that of inspiration.

It is the Lord alone that enables you to know them that are His. It is your spiritual perception alone that enables you to discern between that which is of God and belongs to God, and that which is human, and belongs wholly to the human mind.

Human intelligence or experience can never develop this perception. Ultraviolet rays can detect flaws in metals which cannot be detected in any other way. Let us learn to rely on inspiration in our detection of error.

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