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Watching Point 112

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112 — WATCH lest you permit sense testimony and fear to reduce your thought to that negative and depressed condition which makes you like a receptacle, or sink, so that everything unpleasant flows into you. Job said, “The thing which I have greatly feared has come upon me.” Fear makes one negative, so that the unpleasant side of mortal existence floods into him, just as in electricity the current flows into the negative pole.

When a cat is afraid of a dog, the latter is positive and pursues the fearful and fleeing cat. Let, however, an approaching automobile cause a cat to become positive, and to face her foe. At once the dog becomes negative and starts to run away from the cat. This illustrates the fact that the positive always dominates the negative. It would be easy to poison the water that is running down a sink, but no one could poison the water flowing out of a faucet.

Man’s task in Christian Science is to be positive, for in the first chapter of Genesis, we learn that man was made to have dominion, himself being subordinate alone to his Maker.

Man becomes negative to whatever he fears, and endows it with power to harm. When he learns that the battleground is within his own consciousness, he is able to face what he has previously feared and run from. He becomes positive through recognizing that he has the power of God back of him; then he knows that as the object is superior to its shadow so he is superior to all things except God. Then man begins to assume his rightful place as the representative or reflection of God.

Animal magnetism is a conspiracy of the false mind, attempting through mental suggestion and sense testimony to reduce mortal man to a negative state and to keep him negative, so that he reads danger into every breath of air, into every circumstance, and every condition of his body. Through the teachings of Christian Science we must reverse this erroneous attitude, and reestablish ourselves at the standpoint of dominion.

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