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Watching Point 110

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110 — WATCH lest you take the children’s meat and give it unto dogs (Mark 7:27). If the children represent the Christ-consciousness, or the recognition of all mankind as children of God, then the dogs would symbolize the animal nature of mortal man which is always demanding to be fed, amused, harmonized and healed.

The right application of Truth is always to feed the spiritual sense of man, to re-establish the realization and consciousness of oneness with God. Does this mean that it is not legitimate to heal physical sickness? No — but the spiritual should be directed to the spiritual. True treatment should have as its object the feeding of the spiritual nature in man, of his consciousness of himself as a child of God. As this is done, because of the omnipotent and overflowing nature of Truth, the physical sense is fed and healed by the crumbs which fall from the children’s table.

Jesus’ rule is to seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness — to establish man’s recognition of his divine heritage and harmony as a child of God; thereafter all these things will be added. This means that the human need will be met in the way that will keep the human most out of sight and attention.

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