Watching Point 11

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11 — WATCH lest you rejoice in the glorification and healing of matter, rather than in the fact that you are beginning to realize the desirability and supremacy of divine Mind. Luke 10:20 reads, “Rejoice not, that the devils are subject unto you; but rather rejoice, because your names are written in heaven.” Rejoice in cause rather than in effect. As truth begins to impregnate this human sense, there is a period when effect may seem so attractive that you believe it is worth saving, and strive to do so.

In trap shooting, the clay pigeons are painted in an attractive way only that they may be blown to bits. The Bible states that in ancient times the sacrifices had to be some animal without blemish, a firstling of the flock. This illustrates the fact that the improvement brought into human thought and matter through the action of demonstration is the preparation for its annihilation.

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